The Gathering of Grandmasters Tournament – friendship, respect and excellence – The event will bring together some of the most renowned and established names from around the world in the field of Chinese and Mixed Martial Arts, with both stars of stage and screen, and world champion competitors in forms and fighting.
The main focus of the Tournament, however, is to develop Peace, Unity, Respect, Tolerance, and Humanitarianism through Martial Sports Tourism. Competitors and special invited guests will be coming together as a community in full global support – which is at the focal point of the Host Organization – Hope Transplant International.
Hope Transplant International is a Barbados Registered Non Profit, established in 1999 under the direction of Ambassador Reverend Michael A. Steele.  One of the main focuses is on the Spiritual, Physical and Mental Development of the youth.
A number of Key elements make up the core of Hope Transplant International 2016 – 2030 Agenda – Namely:
  • To Unlock the potential of current and future generations by putting an end to the hidden tragedy of stunting youth [Local, Regional and International] involved in Martial Sports by mobilizing financial, human and political resources commensurate with the challenge.
  • To Stimulate Generational progress by catalyzing a global movement through Martial Sports Tourism to achieve quality, relevant and universal education for the twenty-first century’s youth and beyond.
  • To Focus on Martial Sport for Development and Peace, working with Grand Masters in all Martial Sports classes and the heads of Official Regulatory Bodies in bringing the world of Martial sports for development closer together in full acknowledgement of the important role Martial Sport plays in addressing many of the challenges facing our societies.
  • To Establish Partnerships with Grand Masters – to foster Exchange programs for students to spend [3-4] weeks in other schools/academy’s worldwide. This initiative is designed to create a more globally minded student and expose them to training and working with other masters – Alternatively giving Masters the opportunity to Nurture and Mentor other International Students.
Hope Transplant International continues to provide the youth, young adults and disenfranchised of Barbados to gain cultural knowledge of their country, economic freedom through development of the necessary skills to be competitive in a global market, and crossing the cultural, economic, and religious divides to make the people of Barbados part of the larger world community. In addition, years of work with a proven track record in reestablishing ex-offenders back into the community as focused and productive members of society has been key in areas of Barbados where crime, poverty, and lack of resources has been prevalent.
Ambassador Reverend Michael A. Steele who teaches and mentors youth in schools concerning their Basic Human Rights according to the United NationsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights is also instrumental in taking individuals from Barbados to the United Nations in Geneva for Human Rights Summits. This gives the opportunity to meet fellow – likeminded youth and to confidently open dialogue with global policy makers on key issues involving them and their generation.
We are able to provide any references upon request.
Ambassador Reverend Michael Steele and Hope Transplant International (renamed from the former Hope Transplant Ministries) have been successful in working with national and international leaders – working together with large events both locally and internationally for well over 12 years, and with such a wealth of skills, The Gathering of Grandmasters Tournament will be no exception!
This Tournament is supported with the confirmed partnership of several of the world’s top Masters and Grandmasters in the fields of Chinese Martial Arts, Martial Arts Cinema and Animation, Buddhism, Taoism, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicines, along with one of the leading martial arts publications in circulation.  They will be accompanied by their scores of students, parent supporters, and staff who will be coming to the event.
The event has confirmed its expected guests speakers and officials, and marketing is underway via social media, business emails, as well as advertising by the special invited guests within their respective circles of influence and affiliated organizations.